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Three essential stones as diamond alternatives

Trois pierres incontournables comme alternatives au diamant

All the beauty of the diamond can be embodied in other stones as brilliant and pretty as it. Each of the gems that we are going to present to you will be able to delight the eyes and hearts of women in their own way. All are worn with elegance and have unique meanings, which invite us to wear the stone chosen in the end with as much pride as if it were a real diamond .

Discover the alternatives to diamonds in this article presenting options that are as interesting as they are fascinating.

cubic zirconia ring

1. Colorless sapphire:

The word sapphire also means object of beauty. The elegance associated with it adds nobility to this unique gem.

This precious stone, prized by all, is a remarkable and original choice. If we want it to replace a diamond, it must be colorless. This color is very rare in its natural state, it must often be slightly heated to obtain it. The rarity of white makes it a remarkable and considerable option.

Things to know about colorless sapphire:

It cannot be sold under the “natural” name but it is not considered to be treated since its toasting is traditional.

It represents the majority of stones on the market. It is sold as a sapphire.

colorless sapphire ring

2. Cubic zirconium:

This stone, much less expensive than the diamond, gives an extremely realistic effect and brilliance. This very popular and sparkling crystal is found in large quantities in Asia and France. It must be heated and cut to obtain the brilliant effect of the diamond. Zircon is rather fragile. It is also called synthetic diamond, because it looks a lot like real diamond. But, the diamond is of unequivocal and lasting purity. Unlike zircon, which is rather crumbly over time.

Things to know about zircon

Zircon is a dark colored natural stone: green, red or brown. When exposed to heat, it changes color and begins to sparkle like a diamond.

ring with a moonstone

3. Moonstone:

In ancient times, people believed that it came from the direct fragments of the Moon.

This colorless stone, with pearly reflections, symbolizes harmony and open-mindedness. It is a perfect alternative to the diamond, because its power lies in the strong symbolism it carries within it.

It stands out from other stones thanks to its very powerful mystical side. It is believed that moonstone exudes phenomenal strength and allows the wearer to see beyond the visible.

According to many beliefs anchored for moons, it awakens the power of clairvoyance. The richness of its history, over the ages, makes it a favorite stone for women, even today.

Things to know about moonstone

It is all the mystery associated with it and its power of protection and clairvoyance that make moonstone a divine choice for women who are more connected to their spirituality.

Here are 3 beautiful options that we offer to replace the diamond .

Which of these gemstones are you going to opt for?


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