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Pink tourmaline and heart chakra

Tourmaline rose et chakra du coeur

What woman hasn't already fallen for the pink or purple of tourmaline ? This semi-precious stone with bright or deep colors depending on its nuances can make you feel the sweetness, the joy or the brilliance of life in all its splendour. Its history dates back to the year 1700, when the rainbow offered by the gems of the variety was noticed. Today, whether it is presented in warm or colder tones, pink tourmaline has not finished making people happy.

white gold ring with a pink tourmaline placed on a pale pink flower

A bit of history on the Rainbow Stone

Pink tourmaline rivals many gemstones, including the beautiful pink sapphire . The brilliance and varieties of pink tones make it an extremely popular stone with women.

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Its name, thuramali, was given to it in Sri Lanka. According to a local legend, tourmaline descended from the sky to come to Earth. On the way, she would have crossed a rainbow which would have given her all these magnificent colors. All the colored stones found on this island came from this story.

Pendant in 10kt white gold, set with a 4mm pink Tourmaline placed on green foliage

It is a stone that was recognized very late in history. So there are few legends to tell about him. We can say that it is rooted in modernity. Indeed, a Chinese empress fell in love with pink tourmaline. This sovereign decided to impose this fashion within the court from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century.

Strangely, tourmaline has long been confused with precious sapphires , rubies and emeralds .

Women's ring in 10kt white and pink gold, set with a pink Tourmaline and two diamonds of 1pts each placed on a pink flower

It is said of tourmaline that the royalty of Great Britain fashioned crowns and precious jewelry from it. The nobility thought of adding the most remarkable precious stones of the time, as the colors of this stone were exceptional. But we ended up realizing that they were in fact semi-precious and that they were magnificent tourmalines.

Today, the tourmaline represents the natives of October and also symbolizes the 52 years of marriage of faithful couples.

Pendant with a pink tourmaline on green foliage

The benefits of tourmaline

*It is an affordable stone that is difficult to beat.

*She is popular with women and girls because she is vibrant and exuberant.

*It goes with everything and its variety of tones can brighten up your days.

*Most women love tourmaline worn on an original ring or pendant.

*The effect is “wow”. Depending on the tone of pink chosen, it gives a soft or radiant, romantic or expressive and feminine style to women.

*In lithotherapy, we say that tourmaline is protective. If placed in a room of the house, it becomes a powerful shield that will chase away all bad energies.

*It is perfect for regulating hormonal imbalances, so it would be perfect for women in premenopause or menopause.

*It helps digestion and reduces the pain associated with cancer.

*It reduces water retention and strengthens teeth and bones.

*It increases blood flow, which promotes sexual intercourse.

Wear the joy of tourmaline every day. This is the invigorating proposal that the La Forge d'or team is making to you today.

heart-shaped earrings in white gold set with a pink tourmaline

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