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Citrine, a daily lucky charm

La citrine, porte-bonheur du quotidien

Its charm lies not only in its sunny glow, but also in the omnipotence associated with it. It deserves to be known because its hardness and solidity make this semi-precious stone an ideal option that resists everything.

Find out in this article why it would be perfect for you.

gold ring with citrine

Citrine, stone of optimists

In addition to bringing a lot of light into our lives, citrine symbolizes success, joy and abundance.

Who wants to wear a stone as dazzling as the powerful rays of the sun?

This natural stone with golden yellow to orange brown colors is of exceptional clarity and helps to anchor us in positive energy.

With this luminous quartz, one feels the warmth from within. In cold weather, it becomes an essential. ;)

Everyone wants to spend the winter accompanied by a citrine on one of these jewels.

The lack of light, the shorter days, the sudden darkness of November and the whiteness of January and February can be bearable and even pleasant thanks to the precious and sparkling citrines.

10kt yellow gold ring 1 natural pear aquamarine 5x3mm (stone of the month for March) 1 natural oval amethyst 5x3mm (stone of the month for February) 1 natural round citrine of 4mm (stone for the month for November) 3 Diamonds equal 3.5 points

Brief history of citrine

The shamans of South America use it to increase the infinite possibilities of men and women.

The Roman Empire favored citrine in the manufacture of pendants.

Ancient Greece saw it as a lucky charm that has long been used to ward off the evil eye.

Family pendant in 10kt Rose gold JustMy Pear creation: 14 mm X 5 mm

Some magical benefits

Citrine has unique and remarkable benefits to discover:

*It allows you to grow physically, intellectually and spiritually.

*It can be given as a gift on a 13th wedding anniversary.

*This yellow crystal was used as a protective pendant during the time of the Roman Empire.

*It is also a stone of fire which has a great power of physical and psychic energy.

*It increases the libido.

*It absorbs and eliminates negative energy.

*If you hate snakes, citrine would scare them away, according to ancient beliefs.

*It is ideal for women who are premenopausal, menopausal or have irregularities in their cycle.

*It is our great purifying stone to rebalance the physical body.

So, is she starting to fascinate you a bit?

Spend a warm winter in a good mood thanks to the comforting warmth of citrine:

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