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Our story


La Forge d'or is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. It is therefore part of the regional history. Indeed, the team/management of this family jewelry store is pleased to announce that it is the oldest retail business with a storefront on Île Perrot. She is also proud to say that she has been actively involved in the community since her beginnings in 1982.


After 37 years of history, it is a completely new, completely refined and enlarged premises that will stand before us. The walls are immaculate white to allow us to pay all our attention to the sparkling jewels that adorn the displays. As Tanya Desforges so aptly puts it, this new decor had to be “pure and clear to maximize the color effect of the stones”. She also wanted there to be more space so that her customers and employees would always be comfortable, even during periods of “extreme” traffic such as during holiday shopping.


In 2017, his daughter Tanya took over with her great determination of a young woman. Revealing her strong family values, she sees big and is welcoming with a genuine kindness of all those who want to offer glittering gifts, to create vibrant memories.


In 2014, a special prize from the Gala Ovation jury was awarded to La Forge d'Or Jewelery, which stood out for its family succession process.


In 2007, La Forge d'Or jewelry celebrates its 25th anniversary. Twenty-five years ago, Serge Desforges had his jeweler's diploma, a few pennies and ambition in his possession. It was on Boulevard Perrot that he decided to open his first jewelry store before moving, five years later, to Grand Boulevard.


It all began with Serge Desforges, who set up shop in Ile-Perrot in 1982.


In our workshop, creativity is at the center of our approach. No matter your style, whether refined or casual, we will surprise you with our tailor-made creations that suit you. And to all those who wish to protect their heritage, we offer solutions for the repair and lasting conservation of your most precious ornaments.


Creativity: always create with the passion of our beginnings. To renew oneself and go even further. Have the eye to create new seductive jewelry. To be unique and original in the details, in our philosophy, in our service, in our presentations and everywhere in the store.

Desire: to invite people to want to offer themselves or to offer a precious gift. Offer jewelry that allows our customers the desire to express their love and ardor for their feelings for an important person in their life.

Experience: sharing our knowledge with our customers. Guide them in the choice of their purchase according to their real needs, their habits and their rhythm of life. To be the reference in restoration and conservation of jewels.

Respect: at the base of all possible relationships. Be true. Be attentive and open-minded at all times. Be fair to everyone and have consideration for every customer.

Refinement: Embody elegance and distinction. The jewels are symbols of abundance, luxury, presence and prosperity. The brilliance and sharpness of the materials have a great influence on the manner and subtlety of wearing them.


Tanya Desforges, owner, jeweller, manufacturing, repair and sales consultant & official jewelry store succession

We shine, from father too daughter! For almost 40 years, La Forge d'Or has been offering dream and jewelry of highest quality to the public. Everyone as a very strong listening and respect philosophy. The wish of every visitor comes first. The owner, Tanya Desforges , is a girl, a woman of heart and a full-time mother. Today, she proudly carries the family torch. It's the beginning of a great adventure at La Forge d’or.

Serge Desforges, founder of the shiny effect

Serge, who founded La Forge d'Or in 1982, has many arrows to his bow. In addition to being a jeweller, he is also a watch and clockmaker, a diamond dealer and very sympathetic. For years, he passed on his knowledge to the employees as well as to his daughter who now owns the jewelry store.

Serge is now retired. He knows that his third "baby" is between good hand with Tanya and her team. If you're lucky, you might bump into him behind the counter, one of his four.

Frédérique, the twinkling eye of the camera

Frédérique is our photo specialist. She photographs the jewelry you admire on Facebook. She has been part of the Forge team for almost 7 years and she is not only an emeritus photographer, she holds a certificate in gemology, so she is an expert in stones. Just before she became pregnant with a beautiful princess, she had started a course in jewelry. She is therefore a real jewelry enthusiast and she often has to put the brakes on, because she could buy the entire jewelry store. She LOVES jewelry.

Sarah Claude, gleam manager

Sarah is our paperwork pro. Her great secretarial experience is so useful in managing the 1001 projects we have at La Forge d'or. Repairs, manufacturing, pieces orders, everything is managed and processed from her office. Initially, she worked for 2 years on occasion. Then, she has now been working full time for 3 years. She also has a talent for creating the perfect jewelry for every customer. She is truly passionate about jewelry! She surely had the bite by force of being around the Desforges family. Indeed, she is married to Tanya's brother, which makes her the daughter-in-law of Serge, the founder.

Vatché, doctor of brilliant repairs

Our jeweller Vatché is a true passionate man. The proof: he has been practicing the profession since the age of 10. When we asked him why he chose this profession, he replies that it was his destiny. His gentle and wise temperament makes him the perfect person to take care of repairing and pampering your precious jewels. But what he loves the most is when he can use his imagination and create new jewelry.

Christine, Dr of the shinning repairs

It was in 1998 that Christine did her DEP in jewelry. She also had the chance to perfect her craft with Serge for three years at the jewelry store. After she left, she joined a company that manufactures, among other things, arrhythmia catheters. You will therefore have understood that Christine masters meticulousness like no other! However, she really missed jewelry! The creative aspect, the mixture of colours, textures, etc. So when she got the chance to be part of the team again, she jumped in. She loves more than anything to bring your old jewelry back to life.