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The all-new JustMy women's collection reveals the flourishing beauty of daring women with ambition and distinction. Those who dream of abundance and elegance. They have understood that all the strength of their beautiful energy begins within them first. That’s why they decide to think of themselves so that they can give a lot to everyone they love afterwards. Wanting to take your place in the world with all its splendor, to show off, to be truly happy. This is what JustMy really stands for.


The origin of the collection

Tanya Desforges is an entrepreneur in the strict sense of the term: she wants to be entrepreneurial. After a few years at the head of the family business, she embarked on a new project; her own collection of jewelry.

After 6 years of making her own pieces of jewelry, Tanya decided to take the plunge with the unveiling in 2018 of her JustMy collection. “The name evokes something very personal, but for me it has a double meaning. In addition to wanting to mean "Just mine" in English, the name is also the contraction of the first names of my two children, Justin and Mya. It was my cousin who brought up the idea and I hooked it immediately. That's the perfect name, "says the young woman