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Bijoux prêts-à-porter ou sur mesure pour faire briller votre mariage

Ready-to-wear or bespoke jewelry to make your wedding shine

You want everything to be perfect, from the flowers, to the decorations, to the dress, the makeup, and the jewelry. Your wedding is a magical moment, full of love, romance and unforgettable memories. Jewelry is a key element to complete your look and make your love story shine. In this article, we'll explore stories of love and marriage to inspire you in choosing jewelry for your big day . The big question to ask is: What do I choose between ready-to-wear or tailor-made jewelry for a special event like a celebration of love? The love story of Marie and Antoine...

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3 gravures pour créer un bijou d’une valeur sentimentale inestimable

3 engravings to create a jewel of inestimable sentimental value

“Jewellery is one of the things that is the essence of who you are” - Katherine Ormerod Giving a jewel is wonderful. But offering a bespoke jewel is even better. There are thousands of ways to please the people you love. The most beautiful of them is to take the time to choose and think about what she or he prefers above all, in order to prepare a moving and memorable surprise for him. Whether taking care to pay attention to what we will choose as jewelry: bracelet, ring, pendant, earrings or watch. The choice we will make to personalize...

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Le symbole de votre amour dans un bijou

The symbol of your love in a jewel

How to transmit the symbol of his love by offering a jewel? This is the question we ask ourselves when we take the time to consider a loved one and want to express to them how much he or she means to us. Tanya thinks pure love never dies. Know it. A grandmother's love for her granddaughter. A sister's love for her sister. The love of a niece for her aunt who took the time to be present in her life. All these gestures offered with tenderness leave traces of happiness in the heart and will never be forgotten by...

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Histoires de bijoux de famille

Family Jewel Stories

1 - The power to offer a jewel as a legacy from childhood Once upon a time, Lynda, the mother of Tanya Desforges (owner of La Forge d'or). She was a reserved and dreamy girl. Her maternal grandmother, Rollande, had noticed her interest in shiny jewelry and was just waiting for the right moment to give her her first symbolic gift. It was at 12 that Lynda received a surprise that she hadn't expected at all. She will treasure it all her life in memory of her grandmother Rollande: a pretty ring adorned with her birthstone , peridot . 2...

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La citrine, porte-bonheur du quotidien

Citrine, a daily lucky charm

Its charm lies not only in its sunny glow, but also in the omnipotence associated with it. It deserves to be known because its hardness and solidity make this semi-precious stone an ideal option that resists everything. Find out in this article why it would be perfect for you. Citrine, stone of optimists In addition to bringing a lot of light into our lives, citrine symbolizes success, joy and abundance. Who wants to wear a stone as dazzling as the powerful rays of the sun? This natural stone with golden yellow to orange brown colors is of exceptional clarity and...

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Trois pierres incontournables comme alternatives au diamant

Three essential stones as diamond alternatives

All the beauty of the diamond can be embodied in other stones as brilliant and pretty as it. Each of the gems that we are going to present to you will be able to delight the eyes and hearts of women in their own way. All are worn with elegance and have unique meanings, which invite us to wear the stone chosen in the end with as much pride as if it were a real diamond . Discover the alternatives to diamonds in this article presenting options that are as interesting as they are fascinating. 1. Colorless sapphire: The word...

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