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Under the sign charming and strong like a bull

Sous le signe charmeur et fort comme un taureau

What if Taurus weren't wrong?

Life passes very quickly. Taurus are the champions of honesty and loyalty. Always ready to help and be of service, they expect in return that we respect them and love them as they are. This earth sign has both feet rooted in the day-to-day, but is capable of having a grand vision for their life and future.

Don't let her horns distract you from her true sweetness. Discover today the personality of this animal of the zodiac.

Learn more about the reverse of Taurus

The astrological sign of the month is one of the most endearing there is.
Don't be fooled by his brash appearance. Behind this mask hides a tender, calm, reliable and persevering being.

He accepts very hard to be betrayed and does not forgive easily. It is therefore necessary to be authentic and not to use shenanigans with him.

Its true nature is positive and constructive. It is therefore very pleasant to live with him.

Her birthstone is sapphire and her planet is Venus. Which makes him a sensual being, who loves tender relationships that don't make waves. He is a solid being on whom we can lean at all times.

5 things to know about Taurus

  • They are good players in a sports team: they are disciplined and committed.
  • In love, Taurus is faithful and tends to take their partner for granted.
  • He is a sensual being who loves the pleasures of life.
  • Professionally, he is a builder of reliable and creative projects.
  • As soon as he becomes aware of his worth, nothing and no one can make him change his mind.

His sociable nature makes him a good friend, a faithful lover and a remarkable worker.

Who doesn't want to be born under this sign, now that you've discovered it?

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