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The emerald, stone of fascination and fertility

L’émeraude, pierre de la fascination et de la fertilité

What emerald jewel would you dare to wear to awaken the goddess within you?

Cleopatra knew how to wear emeralds.
With her legendary sensuality, she melted the glaciers with her eyes alone.
The deep green of her jewelry was absolutely mesmerizing and added to her charisma.

She had a marked preference for this sensual stone.
She amused herself by offering emerald jewels bearing her likeness to everyone around her.

It is the stone of choice for awakening the goddess within.
She has long been associated with the devil.

The origin of the names given to it in the past means "heart of stone". Today, the name simply refers to the color green.

In France, we have in the past preferred the ruby ​​to the emerald.
Fortunately, times are changing and this stone has become increasingly popular.

The benefits of emerald, according to lithotherapy

It is the mineral of knowledge, wisdom, protection and bliss.

It stimulates memory.
It promotes the feeling of security.
It helps communication and understanding of others.
It detoxifies the liver and pancreas.
It calms the emotions.
It helps in harmonious family relations.
He perked up after recovering.
It soothes eye fatigue.

Wear the emerald and become an attractive and irresistible goddess.

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