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Shine like a diamond: the stone of the month for April

Brillons comme le diamant : la pierre du mois d'avril

Did you know that the diamond was also called the stone of reconciliation?

It symbolizes unshakeable and invincible solidity. We were inspired by its hardness and its brilliance to declare its love. This majestic stone comes from a volcanic magma.

It is present in different shades of blue, gray, pink, blue-gray, yellow-brown, green and even black.

The first black diamond would have formed 3 billion years ago in space.

A brief history of diamonds:

For the great pharaohs, the diamond symbolized the sun.

It is said that it was the Egyptians who initiated the tradition of betrothal with a diamond worn in the third finger, the ring finger, which is connected to the vein of the heart.

There exists in the galaxy the most enormous diamond ever recorded.
It is as big as a star and is located in the constellation of Centaurus, more than 50 light years from our planet.

Today, the diamond symbolizes purity for all who wear it. It is an energy amplifier and protects against negative energies.

The diamond is the most precious of stones.

We wear it as a token of eternal love alongside a person with whom we decide to unite.

It is, still today, the most popular stone for celebrating weddings all over the world.

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