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Why Peridot Is A Stone Of Love Or Honor

Pourquoi le péridot est une pierre d’amour ou d’honneur

* Peridot has often been mistakenly confused with emerald.

* The Egyptians have long been fascinated by this gem with brilliant and unique hues. They even affectionately named it the “Sun Stone”.

* The sultans exploited it for their honor. During the Crusades, it was the stone of the knights par excellence.

Its meaning in different cultures

This stone has long been used as offerings during ceremonies to the gods and the sacred world.

* Israelis glorify her and say she represents the spirit of the divine.

* Christians associate peridot with the Holy Spirit, the story of the beginning of life on Earth.

* It is present in the Bible as well and is one of the twelve stones that adorned Aaron's precious breastplate.

* Closer to our time, the great Napoleon offered peridots to Empress Josephine as a token of his love. His wife adored green, which reminded her of the exotic plants of her native Martinique.

The contemporary peridot

A variety of this gem is said to come from fragments of meteorites lying on asteroids between Mars and Jupiter. It is therefore a rare extra-terrestrial stone, which is then called Palladot, rather than peridot.

On Earth, the greenish tones of this semi-precious stone evoke the splendor of large green spaces.

Peridot can exhibit shades of green-yellow. This stone is called chrysolite or gold stone. It can also show other hues, such as olive green. This stone is called olivine. This one recalls the romanticism of the olive trees of the Mediterranean.

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