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The sacred fascination of sapphire

bague en forme de fleur avec quatre saphir posée sur des fleurs

His story is telling. It reveals to us the remarkable admiration that the peoples had for this divine and sacred precious stone. Discover how the depth of its nuances challenged the imagination of our ancestors. The ancients loved it so much that they went so far as to associate it with the male or female sex depending on the pale or dark shade it adorned, to say the least. The name sapphire simply means blue. Its presence and splendor have made this stone one of the favorite gemstones even today.

Find out what meaning it has had over time by reading below.

Sapphire Beliefs and Meanings

What the Catholic Church thought: the sapphire was an indisputable sign of purity, which is why cardinals wore a ring with a sapphire on their right hand.

What the Greeks and Romans thought of it in ancient times: the blue depths of the stone were associated with the celestial and sacred sides.

What the Egyptians thought: They admired sapphire and believed it would reveal truths and bring justice to all who wore it.

What the Persians thought: they believed that the blue of the sky came from the reflection of the sapphire on Earth.

What the Orientals thought of it: they see in the sapphire all the power of intuitive knowledge.

The Tables of the Laws of Moses would have been engraved on the sapphire.

In the Bible, Solomon used a sapphire bucket. He used it to chain the demons that he took directly to the high celestial spheres in order to purify them.

Kings revered the sapphire and wore it with honor. Sapphire is one of the four most precious stones: emerald , diamond , ruby ​​and sapphire.

The modern day sapphire

A child in Australia is said to have discovered a sapphire worth over $100 million. The Black Star of Queensland, or black star sapphire, is the most precious of sapphires. We discovered all the beauty of the first black star sapphire of 733 carats thanks to the cutting carried out by a jeweler at the beginning of the 20th century.

Who says kids can't find real treasures?

5 varieties of sapphires for the pleasure of the eyes

The choices are not lacking to fill you with the happiness of carrying the sacred splendor on you:

Blue sapphire, star sapphire, yellow sapphire, pink sapphire, green sapphire.

Take the time to choose well, to see which of these shades would suit you best.

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