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The 5 great powers of the ruby

Les 5 grands pouvoirs du rubis

Ruby is the stone of attraction par excellence. It is one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones, much rarer than the diamond. Its name is simple: it means the color red. Ruby has been prized by queens, duchesses, the noble class and celebrities since the dawn of time. Discover these great powers by reading on.

What we don't know about ruby

The ruby ​​has long been shunned. It was not suitable for the royal class because of a black color which dulled the shine of the stone. It therefore did not have the purity necessary to make it precious like a diamond or an emerald, until we succeeded in extracting this undesirable color. It is therefore a vibrant bright red reminiscent of the love that has taken up all the space. This color also reminds us of the life that runs through our veins.

Ruby powers over time

Ruby has many meanings for men and women of different times and cultures. Here are the main powers of the ruby:

*It is first and foremost a protective talisman for travelers and great warriors.

*The ruby ​​symbolizes charity, love, loyalty or even passion.

*In India, ruby ​​is said to be the queen of gemstones and represents that unquenchable inner fire.

*It is also an unrivaled royal stone for kings and knights who regularly wore this stone which protected them from injury and gave them courage.

*In Christian societies, the ruby ​​represents the blood of Christ.

Why give a ruby?

If you want to offer rarity and surprise your sweetheart, nothing comes close to ruby.

It represents passionate love in its purest expression. All people who offer a ruby ​​express the flame that burns brightly for the loved one. It is also ideal for people with strong personalities. It has long been worn by royalty and came to support their wealth and the presence of their position.

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