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New collection of pearl jewelry inspired by exoticism

Nouvelle collection de bijoux de perles inspirée de l’exotisme

Who hasn't dreamed of feeling like they're on a trip at all times? Feel the enveloping wind from the South and the warm sand caressing your toes? Wearing exoticism is as if you were already there: the calm and softness of the sea around your neck, your wrist or your ears, it's possible thanks to our latest creations inspired by beaches and coastal countries around the world. We therefore opted for the majesty of pearls to offer necklaces, bracelets and sparkling earrings with a taste of the tropics.

One thing that will never change is the popularity of pearls. Their delicacy and refinement simply do not go out of style.

Discover the Talya tropical universe in store or online:

Talya, great traveler of the seas: creations by Tanya and Lysa

Our home made creations are inspired by the magnificence of a goddess. Talya is the name we wanted to give to the goddess of the sea and travels. These brilliant regional products will be worn by local women, so as never to forget where we come from and where we want to travel. Because being a woman in today's world means fulfilling yourself, dreaming and having fun in complete freedom.

Dream travel beads

How about feeling on vacation anytime wearing pearls?

Each piece is unique and carries a meaningful destination name to make you feel like you're traveling at all times, even at work.

Each jewel designed highlights the precious pearls which are still so trendy in 2022.

Be the first to go on a trip wearing a jewel inspired by the Caribbean or the Pacific.

Here are our exotic pearl jewelry to make you travel: