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Do not forget anything for a perfect wedding

Ne rien oublier pour un mariage parfait

The best day of your life to say yes

We've been dreaming of a one-of-a-kind wedding for months. That we want to live it big with all the people precious to us and that we can't wait to say yes to the one who has been making his heart beat for a while now. We want to think of everything so that this day is the most memorable and the most touching possible. We thought about the ideal date, the perfect place, the perfect wedding dress, important guests, wedding rings too. But have we thought about the different jewelry kits for the highlights of this magical day?

Jewelry kits for every precious moment

A wedding is wonderful and it goes by at lightning speed. All that we must think before arriving at D-Day, it can end up dizzying us. And if it became a part of pleasure? What if we had fun creating down to the smallest detail so that everything was to our liking, from start to finish, and even afterwards? It is for this reason that La Forge d'or has created some sumptuous, elegant, classic or modern jewelry sets to shine from head to toe. Discover our proposals and our expert advice by reading the rest of this article.

Shine at the altar, on the dance floor and on the road

We want the happiness of the bride on her wedding day. We want to see her laugh and smile throughout the celebrations. It starts with successful, conscientious preparation. As we know, arranging jewelry for your wedding can be a real headache. But it can also be a cakewalk for the bride and groom. Everything will depend on who they turn to for the preparation and the time they have given to the details. Because a wedding dress without the sumptuousness of the jewels will not have the same WOW effect during the celebration, the evening and the bridal trip. For the most perfect celebration, what better than to benefit from expert advice to guide you in your choices.

Wedding Jewelry for the Modern Bride

The good news is that at La Forge d'or, we are used to creating harmony between the sparkling outfits we offer to future brides and their bridesmaids. Tell us about your concerns, your tastes. Bring us examples of what you would like to wear. The jewelers can even offer you tailor-made products according to your wishes and your budget.

Bridesmaids who shine

We often wonder what to give our bridesmaids to thank them for being there for us. How about creating or choosing a jewel symbolizing your friendship and the love you carry within you thanks in part to their support? It's a lasting gift that will always be worn in remembrance of this day in your honor. They will never be able to forget you and will remember the special attention you have reserved for them.

In addition to having dresses that match perfectly, they can wear their jewelry together with pride. We bet that you will have photos that will shine.

Tears of joy and memorable emotions for our procession

And if we thought of our world, more precisely of the procession of the bride? What if we had a surprise in store for him that he could never forget by surprising him with the most touching attention?

If your procession is made up of your mother, your grandmother and/or your daughter, we suggest that you have them wear an adornment inspired by an ancestral jewel coming from, for example, a pearl necklace from a grandmother. Mom. What great attention you would pay to your family and to this heritage that you treasured, without knowing it, with the intention of bringing it back to life during your marriage, why not?

La Forge d'or offers you to distribute its precious pearls in order to create a contemporary bracelet, ring, earrings or necklace for everyone from this original family collection piece. Grandma's pearls will thus become the memorable pearls of four generations.

Long live memories, symbolic jewelry and newlyweds

Jewels are the centerpieces that remain afterwards, just like memories and love. Ensuring the happiness of your loved ones and yours is essential. What could be better than thinking about what shines over the years, to feel that we have thought of everything that makes us happy, everything that would add happiness to these perfect moments?

To create or choose sparkling looks that live up to your wildest princess dreams: 514 453-1507

Long live the BRIDES!