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The symbol of your love in a jewel

Le symbole de votre amour dans un bijou

How to transmit the symbol of his love by offering a jewel?

This is the question we ask ourselves when we take the time to consider a loved one and want to express to them how much he or she means to us.

Tanya thinks pure love never dies. Know it.
A grandmother's love for her granddaughter.
A sister's love for her sister.
The love of a niece for her aunt who took the time to be present in her life.

All these gestures offered with tenderness leave traces of happiness in the heart and will never be forgotten by all these generous, attentive and caring women who have been part of our lives.

All these moments that we share together in joy, happiness and joy end up becoming happy memories that we keep forever.

Heritage jewelry: love in its purest form

There are memorable gifts to accompany each of us throughout our lives: marvelous finery chosen with care. Like the most precious treasures you inherit from your family and want to pass on again and again.

This legacy of meaningful moments can be remembered day after day and passed on from generation to generation, thanks to the powerful symbol of a piece of jewelry given by a loved one.

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By offering a gift that shines, we also offer a sweet memory of what unites us to her. There is nothing more touching than seeing the smiles and tears of joy in the eyes of the giver and the receiver.

Our precious grandmothers shine

Who hasn't already received a gold birth ring, bracelet or earrings from their favorite grandma?

Everyone knows that our grandmothers end up leaving one day. Such is the law of life.

But they can still be with us, even if we can no longer talk to them, touch them or hug them.

It is the memories we have of them that remain. It is also these gestures and attentions that remain. Jewels are also part of these allies of remembrance and memory.

When we become adults, the jewels received in childhood always end up in our trunk and are just waiting to live again in our daily lives.

It is possible to adjust the jewels to the taste of the day, to enlarge them or even to add precious or semi-precious stones , according to our desires and our style. This simple gesture makes it possible to revive a little, a lot, our loved ones, through us and the sweet memories that are associated with them.

Sparkling Family Moments

For Tanya, family comes first. And she knew how to reconcile work and family within her business: her jewelry store in Île-Perrot. It therefore puts forward these treasures transmitted over the generations: mutual aid, solidarity, shared pride, strength and support from each other, which are part of the values ​​and uniqueness of La Forge. Golden.

Tanya, in turn, passes on this philosophy to the girls on her team, to her two children and her new niece, Eva, and to all those who are part of her close guard. She knows the true power of a united family, which stands in sunny days and stormy days alike.

And nothing and no one can take that love away from her. She knows how much small and big attentions are necessary to express her gratitude.

A gift that speaks of love

Every day, she sees people who take the time to come and choose jewelry that speaks of love, happiness, resilience, gentleness, strength, hope, courage and joy. These jewels all carry different and inspiring stories.

Tanya often says that she does the most grandiose job in the world: that of sowing pearls of love and diamonds of sweet attention in each person who passes through the door of the jewelry store.

It makes them want to surprise, please, spoil and delight the people they love.

Christmas is the best time of year to get together, celebrate life and give unique gifts.

Express your tenderness for your loved ones with a memorable jewel: