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3 engravings to create a jewel of inestimable sentimental value

3 gravures pour créer un bijou d’une valeur sentimentale inestimable
“Jewellery is one of the things that is the essence of who you are”
- Katherine Ormerod

Giving a jewel is wonderful. But offering a bespoke jewel is even better.

There are thousands of ways to please the people you love. The most beautiful of them is to take the time to choose and think about what she or he prefers above all, in order to prepare a moving and memorable surprise for him.

Whether taking care to pay attention to what we will choose as jewelry: bracelet, ring, pendant, earrings or watch. The choice we will make to personalize his gift and add a little original touch by having something special engraved: initials, a sweet word, an inspiring quote, a symbolic image or a meaningful expression. La Forge d'or thinks of everything for you so that you can prepare the perfect surprise, creating a gift of inestimable sentimental value.

They say it's the thought that counts, so we invite you to put a lot of thought and care into the original creation of your next sparkly purchase from us.

3 types of shiny engravings to discover at La Forge d'or

We invite you to pay particular attention to what you are going to offer as a gift when shopping in a jewelry store. The option of an original engraving that carries love or friendship forever is to be considered to offer a ring, a pendant or a bracelet. This simple gesture will allow you to deeply touch a loved one. The jewel will then take on an indisputable symbolic value. Bet that it will be one of the most appreciated gifts that this person will have received in his life.

There are several possible options to express your attachment to a person dear to your heart. We would like to share some of our precious inspirations with you.

1. Jewelry with classic engravings : names, initials and dates of birth, marriage or significant events.

With this simple engraving, you can't go wrong. We don't break our heads and we win the emotion every time.

Make a powerful reminder of an important event that binds you and put it on one of these jewels:

2. Jewelry with 3D engravings : 3D printing of a lighthouse, sun, moon, anchor and all symbolic objects for him or her.

With this type of engraving, we directly touch the heart and the symbolism of the imagination. What element of nature has meaning for this person?

Offer him the sun or the moon on the jewel of your choice:

3. Jewelry with handmade engravings by an artist-jeweller:

These are engravings that carry powerful and touching messages that we carry with us every day.

With this type of original engraving, you can create the most touching combination.

Create a message for him in a vibrant anchorage to allow him to be well on a daily basis. Choose your jewelry to engrave here:

Some choices to inspire you:

Sweet words, inspirational quote and meaningful expression

My engraving is a sweet word:

*I love you forever
*You are the sunshine of my life
*For my dear mother
*You and I it's forever
*You are my Everything
*Love, for better and for fun

My engraving is a significant expression:

*Never give up
*Believe in your dreams
*Be yourself, always
* Beautiful and strong as you are

My engraving is a sign or a symbol:

There are always the astrological signs that are very popular, the birthstones associated with them are in high demand too. But lately, we have discovered the flowers of your birth month which are a symbolic choice of great beauty.

All these choices are interesting and will bring you a lot of happiness.
To benefit from our personalized support in the creation of your engraving, come see us in store at 353, Grand Boulevard, in L'Île-Perrot.

At La Forge d'or, we sell more than jewelry, we create powerful symbols to express the depth of your love.