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Family Jewel Stories

Histoires de bijoux de famille

1 - The power to offer a jewel as a legacy from childhood

Once upon a time, Lynda, the mother of Tanya Desforges (owner of La Forge d'or). She was a reserved and dreamy girl. Her maternal grandmother, Rollande, had noticed her interest in shiny jewelry and was just waiting for the right moment to give her her first symbolic gift. It was at 12 that Lynda received a surprise that she hadn't expected at all. She will treasure it all her life in memory of her grandmother Rollande: a pretty ring adorned with her birthstone , peridot .

2 - A precious heirloom ring

The wedding ring is like a second skin. It is worn naturally every day and is part of our loving DNA. Tanya's mom is no exception. She never goes out without her wedding ring, but still takes care to remove it for the night and for swimming. This ring represents everything his couple has dreamed of building and everything they have built over the years. One day, this ring will be part of the lives of her children and will carry new memories through the legacy of subsequent generations.

3 - A pendant that will cross the generations

Love is stronger than anything. There is nothing better to express our feelings than to offer a piece of jewelery that represents the loved one and the power of the love we have for them. There always comes a time in the relationship when you want to offer the symbol of your unique relationship with the one you love. This was the case of Lynda, the wife of Serge Desforges. After only six months together, she had fun choosing and offering an original pendant to her lover. She immediately touched his heart and they have been together ever since. This piece of jewelry has a unique story that can be easily passed down to the family. Who knows if this jewel will also have the chance to be worn by a child of the couple, with this memory in mind?

Who wears a jewel that has such a loving history from the past?

4 - A bracelet and a ring: links always present through time

Tanya's aunt's first piece of jewelery was a ring she received at one of her birthday parties. What she remembers most is a beautiful bracelet she received from her beloved godmother. She still remembers the moment when she saw and wore this bracelet for the first time. She was so proud of it.
Today, she still wears her wedding ring and a ring offered by her mother-in-law when she died. They both have great meaning to her.

5 - Inheritance of family diamonds

To convey and symbolize her love for her family, Tanya's aunt Christine decided to gift diamonds from one of her rings and have them added to the engagement ring her son gave to his girlfriend. As if a part of her was also part of their story. There is nothing more touching than being part of the love that is transmitted by the powerful symbol of a jewel through the generations.

6 - A watch to remember a loved one

At 18, a young girl becomes a woman. To celebrate this important passage, Jeanine's dad, Tanya's grandmother, gave her a watch . To symbolize the time which is precious and which passes too quickly. This gesture deeply touched the young woman who, even if she has now become a great-grandmother 3 times and soon 4, has always remembered this tender and symbolic gesture, imbued with love from her father.

7 - A ring from her grandmother to honor her memory

The jewel that carries the memory and presence of Tanya's family past is the ring she received from her maternal grandmother, Jeanine, and which her father carefully remodeled, adding a few- one of Tanya's great-grandmother's and grandmother's diamonds. They have made a unique jewel rich in this feminine past. Tanya removed two beautiful diamonds from this ring to make earrings as well, and added black sapphires to the heirloom ring. She was therefore able to create two exceptional jewels imbued with the love and energy of the past. Each time she wears these jewels, she has a thought for this strong woman whom she has always admired.

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