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The Great Power of Eva Collection

Le grand pouvoir de la collection Eva

Awaken the extraordinary woman in you thanks to the jewels of the new Eva Collection.

Because you are perfect in your imperfection and you have the right to happiness in all spheres of your life.

Find out what's behind La Forge’s new collection, created by women from here for women from here!

The origin of boho style jewelry: Eva

Eva is from Eve. This first name means living or source of life.

Eva represents this woman who reveals herself without artifice and already has everything in her to be happy.

She has an inspiring strength and sweetness that is unlike anything that exists on this Earth.

It has the weakness of its strengths and the strength of its weaknesses.

She is dreamy, daring and full of kindness.

Does this speak to you, too?

Where did the idea for such a feminine collection come from?

The name of the collection is inspired by Sarah Claude of the La Forge d´or team. It's a name she has always loved. It is also the first name of her husband's great-grandmother (Tanya's brother).

Wear a beautiful necklace with gypsy charm to remember where you come from and who you are.

Remember what you want most in the world and shine in your own way by wearing this beautiful necklace that can be worn alone or as a layer.

It is offered in yellow gold and silver.

Which one would you like to wear the most in between?

A jewel that serves the cause of fertility

Our collection is inspired by the great desire of women to carry life. This is why each piece of jewelry sold will allow donations to be made to the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.

La Forge d'Or is sensitive to the cause of families who dream of becoming parents.

Families who often suffer in silence, who hope and who go through these trials with courage, despite everything.

We wanted them to know:

 * That we are in solidarity with their desire to be a parent in turn.

* May their reality deeply touch the La Forge d´or team.

* That they can display that desire that burns them from within without shame.

Because we understand that there is nothing more beautiful than giving life.

And that sometimes this dream does not come true. That we cannot control everything and that we do our best with all the possibilities we have at our fingertips.

This is not the end of everything, quite the contrary ... What if it was the beginning of something else?

 Discover the vibrant Eva collection, exclusive to La Forge d´or.