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How can the astrological sign help us shine every day?

Comment le signe astrologique peut nous aider à briller chaque jour?

What if we manifest our personality beyond the astrological sign itself?

What if we were proud of what makes us unique, inspiring and vibrant?

La Forge d'Or invites you to draw inspiration from the characteristics of the zodiac to anchor your identity and start your day on the right foot. This is called making an anchor. Do you know this? It's not very complicated and it's even a lot of fun. Are you ready?

The ambivalent character of Libra

Libra is a very fiery air sign according to the zodiac.

* He is ruled by the planet Venus, which is why love is so important in his life.

* He easily gets carried away with a project or a new idea that thrills him.

* He will do anything to accomplish what he has in mind and will put all of his effort and energy into it.

But watch out for his mood swings.

* It can go from good to bad mood at an alarming rate.

* He often lives in the mountains, he will learn over time to welcome more love, patience and kindness into his life.

* It is said that the sign of Libra represents the sunrise: it is the one that unites the sky and the earth.

* Inconstant, it's not easy to be in the mind of a Libra. It remains magnetic, fascinating, mysterious and charming.

What qualities inspired by this sign resemble you and suit what you want to wear every day?

For fun, pick three that you'll be happy to take on and wear with pride.

You can repeat to yourself what best describes you.

Your express anchoring in everyday life

Here is what we offer to awaken the fulfilling woman in you.

Our ritual proposal:

Every day after getting up:

Open the curtains and say thank you to life.

Just thank yourself for being who you are.

Now get out of your head and down to your feet.

Feel the roots grow under your toes and take root firmly in the soil.

Even the wind will not be able to make you bend.

Take at least 3 deep breaths to feel connected to Earth.

As an air sign, it's not always easy to take hold. ;) But it is possible.

A good anchorage will allow you to decrease your stress and to feel more confident and to take charge of your essence.

As you wear your Libra star sign pendant, feel how rich and healthy your roots are. You now wear the perfect symbol to remind yourself of who you are and what you want to experience right now.

So it's when putting your chain around your neck that you can think about your intention for the day. Intention is at the heart of the grounding and puts forward what you want to see in your life.

An example for you: "I am light as air, here and now, where I belong in this world here and now."

To help you in the wonderful grounding process, we offer you jewelry inspired by your astrological sign.

Take root by wearing a piece of jewelry:


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