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The bracelet that saves lives

Le bracelet qui sauve des vies

Did you know that a simple bracelet could allow a person to survive?

Many people suffer from diseases that undermine their health and their lives at the highest level. It is essential to indicate the information that identifies the type or types of illness from which they suffer in order to be able to intervene quickly.

These identification bracelets inform rescuers about your pathologies in the event of a medical emergency. These details allow them to proceed quickly and avoid making mistakes that could cause irreversible damage.

In the event of a crisis, one is not always in a position to indicate one's medical situation. It is therefore important to wear this bracelet on you at all times.

Allergies: a matter of life and caution

Food allergies and all types of severe allergies are becoming more common. Allergic reactions can constitute an irremediable danger for those who suffer from them.

Fortunately, a simple medical bracelet will give every chance of receiving a quick and effective intervention in the event of anaphylactic shock.

We don't play with life. The bracelets are therefore there to clearly identify that a person has a particular medical condition that requires attention. First responders, paramedics or hospital staff are on the lookout for this type of bracelet and recognize the symbol of the caduceus which identifies it.

You could save your life and avoid having to go to the emergency room by wearing a hospital bracelet.

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