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Keepsake jewelry to vibrate with love, again and again

Des bijoux porte-souvenir pour vibrer d’amour, encore et toujours

What if it was possible to no longer lose the people you love, but to gain a comforting presence wherever you go? It is a delicate attention that La Forge d'or offers with its funeral jewelry that connects us to our best memories of the most precious people in our lives.

Grieve gently

Wanting to keep some of those we love close to us after they are gone is a great way to keep their memory alive.

These distinguished necklaces can hold a small amount of a loved one in their specially designed receptacle to preserve ashes, locks of hair or other small keepsakes.

Because the attachment we have for our loved ones is the most precious thing in this world. Nothing is more valuable than this soothing bond that we create, day after day, in order to achieve more serenity and peace.

Feeling that they are there for us despite their death and wanting to revive what is most beautiful in our history is a great way to honor everything they have been for us.

To remember how much love is stronger than anything and that it never dies, get the pendant that will carry the one you don't want to forget.

In order to offer the most touching gift there is, discover our Relicoeur & Souvenir Holder collection exclusive to La Forge d'or: