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40th anniversary press release

Communiqué 40e anniversaire

Make women shine in their daily lives with dazzling jewelry

La Forge d'or is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. It is therefore part of the regional history. Indeed, the team/management of this family jewelry store is pleased to announce that it is the oldest retail business with a storefront on Île Perrot. She is also proud to say that she has been actively involved in the community since her beginnings in 1982.

Who is behind La Forge d'or?

La Forge d'or is a Quebec company founded in 1982 by Serge Desforges, watchmaker by trade and enthusiast. Five years ago, his daughter, Tanya Desforges, took over the reins of the jewelry store. This young woman, who grew up inside the store, has a bold and feminine vision that inspires many. For several years, she has devoted most of her time to La Forge d'or and proudly carries the family torch. She also involves her daughter Mya in the activities of the jewelry store, and she too already has the sacred fire.

At the very heart of its mission, the jewelry store is unifying and close to people. It has evolved over the years and, today, La Forge d'or adds another string to its bow. Indeed, it presents a variety of sparkling collections created by local women and trendy jewelry for all tastes and for all types of budgets.

Why did you extend La Forge d'or in 2019?

“I wanted an elegant space that could offer more jewelry choices where each customer would feel happy to come and choose the perfect gift for the precious people in their life. I also wanted to expand the design-repair workshop, since we encourage our customers to take care of their jewelry and give a second life to all the ornaments that matter to them”.

- Tanya Desforges, owner, jeweler, manufacturing, repair and sales consultant and official successor of La Forge d'or.

An online store to meet customer needs

The jewels of La Forge d'or have remained accessible despite the pandemic, confinement and store closures. The survival of the jewelry store depended on the creativity and agility of its owner and his team. All the girls got to work to provide a boutique space worthy of their loyal customers and the entire population of Quebec.

Several scintillating collections created by Tanya and her daughters are available online. The marvelous Eva Collection represents the woman who reveals herself without artifice and who already has everything in her to be happy. The prestigious JustMy collection, also available online, symbolizes audacity, ambition and feminine distinction. In addition, a new collection has just been launched: the Talya collection, which represents the journey, the serenity and the dreamy side of today's women. These brilliant regional creations are regularly worn by local women, so that we never forget where we come from and where we are going. Because being a woman in today's world means fulfilling oneself, dreaming and creating with originality in complete freedom.

“All women can proudly wear jewelry signed La Forge d'or in order to anchor their daily life with confidence in an energy of power and love.”

- Julie Dessureault, Joyful Women's Body Coach

Testimonial from a loyal customer

I love this company, its team and its owner! We always have an unparalleled and personalized service according to our needs and budget. I never felt any pressure. I also had a virtual date with Tanya during the COVID-19 crisis. She helped me a lot and advised me for jewelry that I had at home. La Forge d'or is a family business that has been in our community for more than 30 years, with values ​​that really resonate with me! Tanya has created her own jewelry line, JustMy. Go see for yourself! »

The “home made” manufacturing and repair secret

Thanks to the innovation of this Vaudreuil-Soulanges businesswoman, La Forge d'or offers unique collector's items and jewelry in silver, gold and stainless steel that delight and dazzle. The owner and her gold jewelers also offer to repair or create precious pieces from the jewels you have inherited, in order to keep the memories of a loved one alive.

Even creating wedding rings in the image of a couple's love becomes a piece of cake for everyone.

Tanya Desforges' secret lies in her expertise, her smile and her efficiency. Everything is done on site, with a lot of love, according to the rules of the art, by dedicated and meticulous professionals.

To discover the variety of "home made" or not "home made" jewelry available online:

A word about the owner

Tanya Desforges fell into the pot when she was little. As a child, she spent much of her time in jewelry with her father, Serge Desforges, whom she greatly admired. She had stars in her eyes when she watched him serve customers, make and repair jewelry, always with the same passion tattooed on his heart. Without knowing it, the dream of owning one day had just been sown in his head.

Today, she has built a team of girls who shine and men who shine. They are practically part of his family.

The girls and jewelers on my team are extremely valuable to me. Often, as a business leader, we forget that we wouldn't be here without all these employees who contribute to the reputation of what we have built. My employees are pearls or rough diamonds. I chose them very carefully . It is essential for me that they feel happy and good in what they do every day at La Forge d'or. We are linked to others and we help each other with the slightest concern. That's how I see my daily life: surrounded by all these extraordinary women and men that I wanted to have in my life to build my dream. -Tanya _

It promotes creativity, refinement, a desire for commitment, the expertise of its staff and respect for its customers. These are values ​​inseparable from his team and his company. Tanya is motivated by mutual aid and by surpassing oneself within the community. She always sees further and is in solidarity with other women entrepreneurs in the region. This is why she is part of the CCIVS, which means that she always sees bigger than herself, thanks to this great generosity that characterizes her. Tanya considers the business people in her region as her second family.

The entire La Forge d'or team invites you to celebrate the 40th anniversary of La Forge d'or with them and to discover all the brilliance of its jewels now:


Tanya Desforges

Official succession and owner of La Forge d'or

514 453-1507