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7 jewels to declare your love

7 bijoux pour déclarer son amour

All jewelry can be remarkable to gift. But Valentine's Day is approaching and, more than ever, hearts are popular. La Forge d'or therefore shares with you its 7 most popular jewels to express the depth of your love. You will notice that heart-shaped jewelry is often chosen by lovers. We are pleased to share with you a bit of history that speaks of the appearance of the symbol of love.

Since when is the heart so popular?

A very long time ago, we did not use this powerful symbol (the heart) to talk about love. This red and flamboyant heart, which we see everywhere around Valentine's Day, was born in the middle of the 19th century. And since then it has not gone out of fashion at all. On the contrary, it is popular with lovers from all over the world.

The symbol of the heart emerged discreetly in antiquity. It was present in the canvases of Greek painters and was used to decorate or illustrate a drawing. Representing ivy leaves, the hearts are painted green regularly on artists' works.

The symbolic first beats of the heart

It was not until the Middle Ages that the symbol of the red heart, as we know it today, made its marked appearance on the canvases of great Italian painters. One of the great precursors of this symbol was Leonardo da Vinci. He regularly used this red-colored shape to represent the human heart in his drawings of human anatomy.

The heart expresses love with a capital A

Today, the heart is one of the most powerful symbols when talking about love, commitment and union between two people who love each other. It exists in multiple forms and shines in all the colors of the rainbow. But when it comes to love, red is the color that trumps all others.

La Forge d'or wants to help you spread the love throughout the month of February, and to celebrate someone who is very dear to you. That's why our team presents its 7 favorites for Valentine's Day 2022.

Our heart pendant is very symbolic.

He carries pure love that lasts for eternity.

Make your statement to him frankly.

Rose gold heart pendant

Rose gold heart pendant

Marriage proposal wedding ring

Giving the perfect wedding band to make the big request on Valentine's Day is absolutely romantic.

Opt for Valentine's Day to surprise him/her.

Colorless sapphire ring with diamond

Gold ring with colorless sapphire and diamond

The ARZ Steel heart-shaped ring

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is possible with this magnificent ring.

Allow him to remember how much you love him.

heart ring

ARZ Steel heart stainless steel ring

round pendant

What unites us will never separate us.

What if love lived in this cocoon we built together? If the flame could be kept at the very heart of this pendant?

Always wear it with love.

gold round pendant

Round gold pendant 16 mm

The hearts of the EVA collection

“All hearts are in nature”.

Wear or gift the one that suits the softness or depth of your bonds.

Silver heart pendant EVA Collection

EVA collection heart pendant

Jewel with red stone

A vibrant jewel is all dressed in red.

Dare the power and flamboyance of red, to never forget where this feeling of being loved with so much intensity comes from.

La Croisée Raspberry gold ring

Rhodolite raspberry cross gold ring

Bracelets with heart ARZ Steel

Hearts to make his heart beat. Love can be expressed in this pretty bracelet that we offer with a deep and sincere intention.

Give special attention to your beloved partner.

Heart stainless steel bracelet

ARZ Steel Heart Stainless Steel Bracelet

Now that you've discovered our favourites, what's yours?