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Why should we wear or offer amethyst?

Pour quelle raison devrions-nous porter ou offrir l'améthyste?

These powers are amazing and fascinate us.

The word “amethyst” would come from the term “without being drunk” inspired by its purple color representing the color of wine that is mixed with water.

The stone proudly bears this name which comes from the magnificent nymph “Amethystos”.
In the legend, it is said that she was transformed into crystal to protect herself from the advances of the god Dionysos, god of the vine. Seized with incredible rage at this rejection, the god spilled his glass of wine on the crystal nymph, who then took on a purple hue. This was then the birth of the amethyst stone.

The deep purple color offers powerful meaning to different civilizations.

*Prevent drunkenness, for the Greeks and Romans.
* Druid stone (protection and healing), for the Celts.
*Symbol of purity, fidelity and lasting love, for Christians.
*Figure of nobility on many crowns of Egyptian royalty.

Which of the virtues of amethyst will have power over you?

*Protects from negative energies.

*Fights fears, stress, depression and helps to let go.

*Purifies, soothes and calms the mind.

*Improves sleep for all.

*Helps heal from a breakup, bereavement, loss of a loved one. It is also affectionately called the Separation Stone.

*Sharpens creative power, intelligence, imagination and hunts dark thoughts. Moreover, Leonardo da Vinci used this stone in his daily life to help him in his process.

*Acts on female hormones, may increase fertility.

*Reduces pain, headaches and accelerates convalescence or healing.

Be surprised by our jewelry bearing the amethyst stone:

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