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2020 will have been very challenging for everyone. Entrepreneurs will have used imagination and creativity to stand out and reinvent themselves. Tanya Desforges is one of those who have transformed to offer the best of themselves, despite all the conditions required and the mandatory restrictions. This jeweler owner is a determined and very surprising entrepreneur. She is inspiring in spite of herself thanks to her audacity.

When we talk about an entrepreneur who has a positive influence on entrepreneurs in the region, we immediately think of Tanya Desforges, from La Forge d'or. Many of us admire her and take her as a model of success and success. And today we wanted to share with you her journey and her secrets as a businesswoman that enabled her to meet challenges and overcome obstacles.

1- Know how to balance your time

Tanya admits that she doesn't always have a perfect balance in her life. But she likes to plan and structure her schedule to be able to better manage her actions and make herself more efficient and available to everyone: children, spouse, colleagues and friends. How she manages: she maximizes her time with her children to be as 100% with them as possible. Her personal appointments, she takes them when her children are at school. Each year, she sets aside weekends to spend quality time with your partner. She also plans times alone or with friends to do activities that she enjoys, at least once every 6 months.

2- Anchor yourself to your “Why” in business

Everything she undertakes, she does it for her own happiness, first of all. Her desire for accomplishment is great and she always keeps in mind how much she wants to contribute to make local women and families shine.

3- Listen to his feelings and know how to say no

When you're in business, there are hundreds of opportunities that can arise. We meet extraordinary people who bring their good ideas and want to collaborate with us. The important thing is to see if the proposed project corresponds to its values ​​and its vision. If everything is in the same direction as we want to grow our business , we don't hesitate and we go for it. This is where you can feel if it clicks or not within you and you can make informed decisions with your heart.

4- Learn to let go and leave room for improvisation

2020 was the best example of letting go and turning 180 degrees. Tanya could have been overwhelmed by doubt, by too many things to do, by all the health recommendations to put in place. But she preferred to delegate and trust to put herself more forward live on Facebook to connect with her customers. And this way of doing things really paid off.

5- Think big: have ambition

The arrival of the online store also gave greater visibility, without destroying what counted at the base for Tanya: the personalized service. This allowed her to make her clients discover not only her jewelry, but also her philosophy close to the people of La Forge d'or. It's not over, because Tanya really wants to share the audacity and uniqueness of her JustMY jewelry collection, not only in Quebec and Canada, but all over the world. The online store will be perfect to reach all these beautiful people. The sky is the limit, as they say.
Well done, Tanya!


For the coming year, all choices will be of paramount importance: collaborations, agreements, projects, new jewelry collections, sharing, unparalleled customer service, how to connect with your team and with the community. Tanya will therefore favor communication and an exceptional customer experience to vibrate and thrill in 2021, since her greatest strengths are to listen to needs, to bounce back and to reinvent herself. We bet that at La Forge d'or, this new year will be even more rewarding than the one that has just ended.