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“I never thought I had an online store”. That's what Tanya believed in 2019 .. She didn't see the need for it at all. Everything worked perfectly without it. It was not in line with his values ​​and his business vision at the time. But as the famous and inspiring François Lemay puts it so well: “Everything changes”. The 2020 pandemic will have convinced her of the contrary. His vision changed. But its values ​​remain the same: it continues to pamper its customers and personalize its service. She decided to focus on a must-attend event to connect with jewelry customers: the Festi-brille, which returns twice a year. From April 15 to 18, La Forge d'or invites you to celebrate the first anniversary of the online store.

Celebrate the coming spring with jewels

The < em> Festi-brille is an opportunity to celebrate in style, to revitalize your wardrobe and, why not, your jewelry box. What beautiful additions can we wear with pride? What can we pair with our new clothes? Did you know that the girls at La Forge d'Or can give you style tips to pair your favorite clothes with jewelry for the summer? You don't just wear just about anything. We want to be elegant at all times.
With the beautiful days coming, we can finally show off our wrists, neck, ears and ankles. We don't have to hide from the cold at all. So what are you waiting for to make a splash with a cute pair of earrings or a meaningful pendant?
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Happiness and jewelry at the rendezvous you

To the delight of our customers, fond of the latest trends in jewelry and novelties, we have decided to make available a wide range of our sparkling merchandise in our online store. For customers who like exclusives and receive personalized service, we invite you to come and visit us directly at the jewelry store. We will treat you onion, as usual. The highlights of Festi-shine
    < li> Surprise contests
  • Great prizes
  • Sharing news
From our signature JustMy collection to our popular QUDO interchangeable rings, there's something for every taste and budget. How about a big celebration of the arrival of spring and the good times we are going to spend with yourself or with your family. Everything will be an opportunity to smile for life. And we want to let you add some sparkle to your getaways. Come celebrate with us. Visit our online store to find the perfect jewel for your spring kits. < / div>