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The success of The Gold Forge comes a little, a lot from my mother. Part of the happiness and balance that I feel is also thanks to her. If I didn't have my mom in my life, I couldn't accomplish everything I do the way I do. She is my ally, my confidante and my friend. The bond that I have developed with her over the years is special and incomparable. I find it important to recognize and celebrate it. Besides being an admirable woman, she is also a grandma who enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. And that's worth all the gold in the world.

More than a mom in my life

As many already know, La Forge d'or is a family business. Our family values ​​are strong and solid, even within the consulting team. I took up the torch from my father. But I am not neglecting my mother's contribution in my decision to take over the reins of the jewelry store. Without the assurance of his presence to lighten my tasks, I could not have made this decision with so much peace of mind and confidence. I love knowing that she is there, close to me, always ready to help, to reach out to us, to my partner and me. It gives me the will to achieve great things and to be a role model in turn for my children, as it is for me.
Her great involvement in our lives, it came from her, at the start. She wanted to get involved in our family life, to provide support, to render services to us as needed. If she knew how much she allows me to grow and makes me feel good, too. I want her to know that. I don't think we say that often enough.

My essential pillar

I always say that Lynda is my daily pillar, because:
* I find my balance thanks to her. < span> * I can do the work I do with energy and confidence.
* I am also there for my team if any of them need me.
* I am inspired by his day-to-day kindness.
< div class = "txt-sml user-cntnt"> * I can better plan, organize and structure my work weeks.
* I have a more global vision and I can have his opinion anytime.
* I can have some time for me.

Admirable qualities in my heart

All moms have remarkable strengths, which we know inspires to become a mother in her turn, one day. My mom is no exception. And her qualities make her perfect just the way she is. Here are a few:
* Curious to explore new avenues, in making memorable trips with the family.
* Respectful of our private space. < / div>
* Excellent cook.
* Generous and always ready to help.
* Organized.
* Listening.
* A big heart.