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12 must-have jewels that will make an impact at Christmas

12 bijoux incontournables qui feront de l’effet à Noël

How about creating amazement and joy in someone you care about?

What if it was you who offered memorable emotions and a lot of love as a gift this year? La Forge d'or invites you to discover its jewelry suggestions of skin-deep emotions.

If it was enough to love and make that love shine

Taking the time to show your attachment to a loved one with gestures and gentle attentions is always a joy, as much for the one who gives as for the one who receives.

Whether it is our spouse, our parents, our children, a precious friend, all these people are of paramount importance in our lives.

Giving a jewel to celebrate this person is a great way to pay tribute to them and show them how much we care about them.

Here are 4 testimonials that will surprise and inspire you. We hope they will make you want to live a magical moment in turn.

Testimony of a romantic man

Tears silently slip down her cheeks. Happiness is also being surprised by the person you love. She places her delicate hand on mine and looks me straight in the eye. No need for words. The emotion is palpable.

I took the time to choose a jewel that looks like him. A jewel inspired by what she loves above all: the beach and the sun. It's also on vacation that you really relax and always get a little closer.

The smile she had when she unwrapped her gift was the sweetest thank you I've ever had in my life.

We've been through a lot together over the years. She is strong, bold and ambitious. I admire her for being so resilient. I wanted to spoil her with something different.

So I took the initiative to offer her these symbols of our most magical moments.

We will always remember this moment, which I made special thanks to this present chosen with care and love.

3 jewels to offer to a woman you love more than anything :

Gold earrings set with diamonds

'Mandala Dorée' ring in yellow gold set with diamonds

Yellow gold pendant set with diamond

Testimony of a mother to her teenager

For his 13th birthday, I wanted to give him an original and symbolic gift. Something to signify that he had entered an important stage of his life: his adolescence.

I searched in vain. Until I thought of the La Forge d'Or jewelry store. I told myself that I would probably find a perfect piece of jewelry for my son.
And I was not wrong at all.

Sarah-Claude took the time to help us find the ideal channel for my child's taste.
I took the time to savor the bright eyes of my boy who tried all the proposals in order to choose.

He finally opted for a classic. I was so happy and proud to see him wear a piece of jewelery offered by his mother.
But that is a secret between us. ;)

3 gift ideas to make your teens shine :

Calypso Watch

Trio of QUDO rings composed of:

Thin base ring + Tondo Deluxe 10 mm

Deluxe base ring + Deluxe Tondo 16 mm

Ring small + Canino Deluxe

Reign Earrings

Testimony of…. A woman to her mother

During the pandemic, I was away from my mother. Like everyone else, we couldn't see our loved ones. It was very difficult for everyone. At Christmas, I didn't want her to feel lonely and I really wanted to surprise her with a touching piece of jewelry.

I really wanted her to remember that we are there with her despite the distance.
It is for this reason that my choice fell on the family pendant. I was able to have her children's birthstones added to it and choose shapes that symbolized exactly what we meant to her.

We planned it with Tanya. And she was kind enough to have a special package prepared which was sent out just in time for Christmas.

When my mother opened her present on Christmas morning, she was touched by this gesture which spoke of our love.

Currently, we are three people in the family. My father and my sister passed away suddenly.

And our bond is stronger than anything today.
Thanks again to La Forge d'or for planning this.

3 best sellers to please your parents and grandparents :

Gold family pendant

ARZ STEEL pendant

Bracelet ARZ STEEL

Orléan watch for women

Orléan watch for men

Testimony of ….. A woman to her man

When our man has everything and asks for nothing but our company, it's not always easy to find the gift that will pay homage to him.

I had gone on a mission. Frankly, I was looking for a meaningful gift for the man who has shared my life for more than 15 years. It's not nothing. Our love is stronger than anything. I wanted to highlight our relationship at Christmas.

So I decided to go and see what would be interesting at La Forge d'or. And I benefited from the valuable advice of Emanuelle. She was incredibly patient and seemed to take great pleasure in making suggestions and answering my questions.

My final choice fell on a watch that was quite daring in its style. I was even able to personalize it with an engraving on the back. I had a very short sweet note and the date of our meeting written on it.

So that we never forget those moments that made us together today.

I'm sure that every time he looks at his watch to see the time, he remembers US.

Figaro chain

Leather bracelet

Stainless steel bracelet

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And you, who are you going to spoil at Christmas and what do you intend to give them?

Happy Holidays !