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Under the endearing and judicious sign of Sagittarius

Sous le signe attachant et judicieux du Sagittaire

Spotlight on Sagittarius

Everyone wants a pocket Sagittarius to add color and sparkle to their life.

No time to be bored in the company of Sagittarius.
Without him, life would be rather beige and routine. His curiosity and taste for adventure make him an interesting friend. He wants to know everything about everything, without really finding answers to his big questions. Relentlessly, he would like to pierce the mysteries of the invisible. Moreover, he likes to surround himself with people who have visions of grandeur: scientists, spiritual people, researchers, creative people. He always has the wind in his sails and dreams of traveling to discover the world.

Fasten your hat, we are off to discover this great seducer and excellent communicator.

Learn more about the Sagittarius personality

The great resourceful of the zodiac, it's him. He does not allow himself to be imposed and finds solutions to all his problems. He is a dynamic being, who can use his talent as a smooth talker to seduce. He infects those around him with his good humor and he is an excellent friend with whom you want to laugh.

5 practical things to know about Sagittarius

1. He has two birthstones: blue topaz and citrine.

*Blue Topaz helps the wearer develop the art of persuasion, and energizes to be more productive. It brings inspiration and clarity and is therefore perfect for the artistic Sagittarians of this world.
*Citrine attracts money to itself. Sagittarius likes to attract wealth. Wearing this stone will be a good way to manifest abundance towards oneself

2. His favorite metals are: tin and cassiterite, a compound of tin oxide.

3. The element par excellence of this sign: fire, which gives it the power to be expressive.

4. Its flower is: the carnation, also presented as the flower of the gods.

5. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is: Jupiter. This planet is the guardian of laws. She advocates a great desire for justice.

Sagittarius in a nutshell

The D system is second nature to him.
He is sociable, but needs his freedom.
He has great self-confidence and considerable charisma.
He contaminates the world with his joie de vivre.
He wonders about all the mysteries of life.
He is very doubtful of the answers given to him.
He likes to surround himself with people with very different perceptions and habits.
Great desire to discover the world and to travel.

Are you Sagittarius or do you know a Sagittarius around you? Which quality best describes it?

December is his birthday month.
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