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Stone of the month for June: the classic pearl

Pierre du mois de juin : la classique perle

The history of the pearl is impressive. She has always been admired and loved by human beings. She never goes out of style. Its shine and look are said to be timeless. Find out how she managed to charm the whole world today.

Our pearls from the time of the caves

Yes, yes, you read that right.
They have been found in Paleolithic tombs.
It is claimed to have found beads sewn on the clothes of prehistoric men.

This true gem of nature has been prized by men and women since the dawn of time.

Funeral rites, inheritance and pearls

In 5500 BC, pearls were usually placed on the lips of the deceased. Later, it was slipped into his hands.

In Roman times, they were affectionately called Aphrodite's tears. Prosperous families bought one or two pearls a year and kept them to give to their daughter when they came of age. She could then have an entire necklace made, which she wore with pride.

Modern beads for everyone

Today, the main pearl producer is in French Polynesia, it makes you dream when you think about it.

Although popular, not all pearls have the same value. To determine the purity of this stone, one must look at its brilliance (luster of the pearl) and the thickness of the mother-of-pearl.

This will allow us to validate the quality of each pearl. Its size will also affect the price of it.

It is also the symbol of wisdom. She has several virtues including innocence, purity and truth.

She is very popular in weddings, unions to express the sweetness and strength of her love. It is a stone associated with femininity in all its glory.

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