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There you go! The end of classes is upon us. Are you looking for a nice way to underline the academic successes of your offspring? La Forge d'or is there.

The end of high school or even the baccalaureate are pivotal moments that will leave vivid memories for graduates. Why not take this opportunity to give a personal and equally indelible gift?

The convention is to give a ring to someone who finishes high school. I don't want to reinvent the wheel in any way, but why not take the opportunity to engrave the jewel with the symbolic date? We thus provide added and personalized value ”, explains Tanya Desforges, owner of La Forge d'or.

She only concedes in the months and years following obtaining the Secondary can be amazing, to say the least. However, she provides a solution: rings or rushes made of very resistant steel that will last over time.

For university graduates, the businesswoman is unequivocal: “ The watch is truly a must for men. For women, you can still opt for a ring or a pendant. In any case, these are pieces where an inscription or a date can also be engraved. I remember a case where a pendant was made in the colors of the college the person was attending. It's a nice touch and a gift with an important symbol.

Not just for graduates

It often happens that we find ourselves a little annoyed to want to find a gift for an educator or a teacher who will have been memorable for our loved ones. Tanya suggests a gift idea that is sure to have a great impact. “ The earrings are really interesting in this case. We sell them in a price range that fits very well within the budget we set aside for these kinds of thoughts. I offer “huggies” type earrings that are stuck to the skin and that are not likely to catch when playing with the children or on the edge of the swimming pool during the coming summer ”, Continues Tanya Desforges.

Trust her , she is first in class when it comes to jewelry!