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What to do with our heirloom jewelry?

Quoi faire avec nos bijoux en héritage?

Spring is finally upon us. And it makes us want to rearrange the house. Maybe you are like us. We think it's always good to clean up your wardrobe before the summer season. Ventilate each room, get rid of pieces of clothing that you no longer wear. But have you thought about sorting out your jewelry chests or drawers ?

Too often, jewelry that we don't like sleeps and takes up our space unnecessarily. Often, these are jewels that we have inherited and which are not used because they are not the right size or not at all to our taste. Also, many women end up with orphan earrings or a broken chain and bracelet that is dying. It is a pity to ignore their existence. What can we do to revive these treasures of yesteryear with today's trends and our personal tastes?

La Forge d'or has the most scintillating solution to solve this problem of lost jewelry and make you want to wear it every day. Read what follows and you will understand the importance of no longer letting what shines at the bottom of your drawers sleep.

For jewelry in the era of time

To go with current ecological trends that encourage respect for our planet's ecosystems , La Forge d'or offers you to recycle the gold jewelry you already have, but no longer wear.

Before always buying new, it is interesting to see what can be done with what you have, but no longer notice.

We therefore invite you to sort through your jewelry boxes to see what would be of interest or potential. Try to bring out the centerpieces that are just waiting to make you shine during your outings, parties or unmissable events.

The recovery of the original jewel

The brightest option we offer you is to opt for the remodeling of your most precious jewels to create new ones made to measure . Why should we choose the restoration and remodeling option?

  • Waste is thus avoided.
  • We often save a lot of money.
  • We have jewelry that bears a family history.
  • We can create a useful and unique piece that looks like us.
  • We have the pleasure of perpetuating a tradition that can continue from generation to generation.
  • We take care of the planet.
  • We have the choice of the jewel we want to have.
  • We carry not only memories, but also a lot of emotions.

These are therefore memories that can be kept for life or transformed as desired into a piece of jewelery that is up to date.

The miracle of the wedding ring

Brings her favorite piece of jewelry back to life, grandma's or mom's favorite piece of jewelry in our future wedding ring , isn't that a fabulous idea? It's always very moving when you transform and give back a jewel to a woman who took the time to bring us her jewel and often to share a little of her story with us. She recovers her remodeled jewel often with great emotion and gratitude.

We can also create a completely different ring , earrings or even an unforgettable pendant from your alliance , after your divorce.
Why get rid of a covenant of value when you can create something else out of it?

La Forge d'or will be happy to add all the good energy necessary to be able to wear the new jewel with lightness and happiness.

Three brilliant options for one ring

Gold is priceless, just as much as precious stones.

Option one : What La Forge d'or offers you is to melt the gold and cast a new covenant thinner or wider, depending on your desires.

Option two : It is also possible to recover the precious stones on the ring or the original piece which you can dispose of as you wish.

Option three : The last possibility is to modify the ring or necklace by adding an emerald, a ruby, a sapphire or the gemstone of your choice, for example.

There are no limits to the imagination and creativity of our jewelers. It is your desire to bring your jewels back to life that will allow us to contribute to their second wind.

So let's go. Sort it out.

It will be our pleasure to create for you and to welcome you in store.

Please make an appointment before coming to the store for your manufacturing or remodeling project so that your advisor is ready to see you. By email or by phone (514) 453-1507.

The Gold Forge team