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At La Forge d'or, we play with jewelry

La Forge d'or is always close to its world .

It is a jewelry store that is both elegant and authentic. Its aim is to combine the two styles under one roof. The proof can be found in this photo shoot taken this fall by the excellent portrait photographer Julie Dessureault, from Rose aux chees photography. The turnkey effect (stylist, makeup and hairstyling) of this photoshoot allowed Tanya, owner of La Forge d´or, to focus on creating looks that showcase the range of her favorite jewels. This is also useful in inspiring women to take care of themselves and continue to shine despite the confinement.

She wanted to show that slack is worn with jewelry. That you don't always need jetset events, proms, or important meetings.

Just be with yourself and be pleasing matters a lot.
How about having fun, first? What if the light was on our necks?
What jewelry would do us good on a daily basis? What look could we have?
Whether we're romantic or chic, the main thing is to be ourselves, from head to toe.

An unusual photo shoot

Photos are essential when the time comes to present their favorite products and new collections. But Tanya Desforges wanted to go further: to present looks inspired by women's everyday life. The shoot was scheduled for last spring, but we had to postpone. This allowed Tanya to prepare for her session with great care and attention. She was more than ready to make her jewelry and glittering products shine. She prepared an inspiration board showing the different clothing kits associated with jewelry. She wanted to create atmospheres, unique styles to make you dream.

Jewelry that is good for morale

Tanya has made choices. She was inspired by her life and the lives of other women around her. She found the perfect themes to create looks unique to La Forge d'Or. From coffee and wool to the navy blue of the business woman, she has managed to create joyful, brilliant and inspiring universes. By doing this photo shoot, Tanya is now also positioning herself to advise women to wear their jewelry in an original way, according to their personality and their desires. There are no more limits to shining. We dare and expose ourselves, even in the house. It's just a nice idea to brighten up your days right now.
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Have fun with a necklace, a ring and earrings

Like makeup, jewelry can be worn everywhere. If you stay in your pajamas, you don't feel very functional. Dressing well, putting on make-up and wearing bijout makes a difference in the minds of women who work or not at home. The good news is that Christmas is coming and women will certainly want to make their Christmas lists ahead of time this year and send it to their man. It is possible to come to the store to try on different looks and get advice on the best combinations to do according to the styles you want to have. The QUDO collection allows you to play with different colors and formats. Be creative all the way and let your imagination take over.

Christmas won't be boring this year

The JustMy collection is perfect for the daring, active woman who has