Charm, refinement and tasteful jewelry awaits.
Entering a jewelry store is like entering Ali Baba’s cave: it shines everywhere and precious stones sparkle and do not fail to attract the attention of everyone who enters the store. But it is not enough to make a sensation, it is also necessary to listen to one’s desire. We want to look good, have on us small extravagance that attract the eye. Tanya makes personalized jewelry, on special order, in her workshop specifically assembled for the manufacture and restoration of jewels. She also offers tips to showcase your jewelry, maintain it and keep it intact for as long as possible. This woman is a rough diamond and a real pearl !!!



Just My
Custom made

Just My

Sparkle gloriously

The new JustMy collection for women will enhance the sparkling beauty of bold and distinguished women; women who dream of abundance and elegance. These ambitious women understand that all the strength of their beautiful energy comes first from within. That’s why they decide to pamper themselves in order to better care for their loved ones. To want to be part of the world with glamour, to make an appearance, to truly be happy! This is what JustMy represents at La Forge d’Or.

Discover the jewels from our collection:

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Custom made

Creators of authentic jewelry just for you

We are remarkable jewelry designers: rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. The combination of our expertise and our imagination, along with your ideas, are brought together to create the jewelry of your dreams.

Are you dreaming of a unique piece of jewelry to spoil yourself or to surprise a loved one?

Offer what is most precious to those you love: jewelry tailored to fit their personality.

Our experts will create jewelry that cannot be found anywhere else.

Choose from our range of alloys: 10K, 14K, 18K, 19K gold, certified diamonds and other precious stones.

Allow 3-4 weeks to make.

You want to offer that special necklace, ring, or pair of earrings that will amaze your partner, your child, an important member of your family or even a close friend? Call us now or come to our store to talk about your ideas or your project.



When recycling jewelry rhymes with you

Remodeling jewelry can give a second life to those jewels that you do not dare to wear or that you no longer wear. Do you have an old ring that belonged to your mother or grandmother with a style you do not like, but you would like to still wear with pride? Do you have an old pendant that you like lying around in your jewelry box?

We understand the great sentimental value that jewelry represents and we respect the integrity of every jewel that we handle with expertise.

Depending on what you bring to us, we will be able to modify it or completely transform it.

To add sparkle, precious stones or to give new life to your jewelry, meet with our designers at our store.

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